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Users' Groups

Users' Groups

Facilitate crowd-sourced support, build brand loyalty and generate valuable feedback with Connected Community

Customer communities are important for how companies work with, relate to, and support their customers. More social and tech-savvy than ever before, customers want to take advantage of the capabilities of the products and services they buy. Connected Community allows you to proffer an environment of ongoing learning and customer-to-customer engagement.

Higher Logic’s Connected Community provides your customers with a secure and dynamic online community where they can access resources and collaborate. Create a resource hub for training materials, business guidelines or discussion groups, and pose questions directly to a community of fellow users. Collaborate and educate each other on products and best practices. Your customer community also gives product managers and vendors a chance to extract real, unfiltered feedback from influencers and power users.

What We Provide

Your community will provide the support, services and information your customers need to be successful with your product or services.

With Connected Community, you can:

  • Increase Brand Loyalty – When you actively listen and converse with your users, you give them a sense of ownership over the results. That turns users into fans, and fans into evangelists.
  • Extend the reach of customer support – Online communities naturally provide users with crowd-sourced support, allowing them to find the best answers at the time when they need them.
  • Build a knowledge base – Who knows more about your product than your customers? Allow them to share knowledge in a way that is searchable and easily discovered, and the entire customer-base benefits.
  • Create a 360 degree view of your customers –By integrating your help desk or CRM with your community, you build a rich source of insightful customer activity.

Connect Directly to Your Help Desk

As an extension of your online support system, Connected Community integrates seamlessly to your help desk—we include pre-built web services and API-based integrations. This integration enables you to inlay a community of engaged customers who crowd-source solutions for each other’s issues. Ultimately, they build an expanding, self-serve knowledgebase for all customers to reference. And according to the Gartner report, “Predicts 2012: CRM Customer Service and Support Staggers into the Posthuman Age,” a company can save anywhere from 10 to 50 percent in support costs by integrating a community into its customer support system.

“Higher Logic’s Connected Community has revolutionized the way our community members engage. It has added a new dimension of value for our members by providing a platform for interaction, knowledge exchange and networking. Our members love it!”

Michelle Spitzer
Director of Marketing
Dynamic Communities

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