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Event Engagement

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Step 3: Start preparing for your virtual event.

  • Familiarize yourself with your existing virtual meeting tool and everything it can do.
  • Organize the data for your tracks and speaker sessions.
  • Think about how sessions might translate to a virtual environment. For example, could a roundtable session become an ask-me-anything?
  • Gather your digital assets, like logos, hex codes, and relevant links (for partner websites, social media, etc.)
  • Look at the registrant data from your event management tool. You’ll be better prepared to launch your event community if you can export of your registrants with a unique ID.

Keep an eye on our blog for the latest tips on how to run a successful virtual event.

How To Get Started


As the impact of the global crisis of COVID-19 sets in, many organizations have been forced to move events from in-person to virtual. But with the help of community, you can still create a meaningful, memorable experience.

We are offering organizations a free 
event community to help engage your members before, during, and after your virtual event. Host your event on a virtual conferencing tool like Zoom or GoToMeeting, then invite attendees to join each other in a community where they can network, exchange ideas, and support each other professionally.

Even when worries and social distancing are top of mind, you can still create community in a time when your audience is craving it.

The last day to sign up for a free event community is July 31, 2020.

Run Your Virtual Event with Confidence: Tips for a Great Show

As COVID-19 forces events from in-person to virtual, the first and most essential thing is a mindset shift: Going digital was not your plan, but it’s your chance to make the most of a bad situation.

While you take a step back and re-orient yourself to running a virtual event, you have some freedom to re-envision what your event will look like. 

Conferences and in-person events are being cancelled left and right to protect people and "flatten the curve" of this virus.  

Instead of cancelling outright, some companies are opting to take their event digital, like Adobe Summit, Zendesk Relater, and Google Cloud Next.

Higher Logic Offering Free Solution to Help Organizations with Virtual Events in the Face of Coronavirus