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Resources - Overview


The key to a successful online community: create an environment rich with content and activity. Building this dynamic environment is more than implementing a software platform—an organization needs people with knowledge and experience to plan, build, launch and manage a community. And providing the opportunity to engage in continual learning is a priority for Higher Logic. Explore our resource library for expert insights, experiences and perspectives on the world of online community management and knowledge sharing.


Insights and advice on how a private social media platform can transform your organization into a community.

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Case Studies

Real-world success stories detailing Connected Community's positive impact on our clients.

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Learning Series

Interactive webinars hosted by industry experts, thought leaders and Higher Logic staff.

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Interactive presentations on the state of online communities, best practices and other valuable information.

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Tip Sheets & Guides

Best practices and other time-tested advice from Higher Logic and other Connected Community users.

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