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Connected Community Social CRM

Connected CommunityTM Drives Action and Results

Connected Community is designed to empower relationship-building and foster community evolution—fundamental elements to the long-term relevance of any organization.

Connected Community is your organization's secure, private community platform that empowers members, customers, support and product teams and administrators to create and manage meaningful, engaging online communities. It is the industry's premiere community solution, created specifically with the unique goals and needs of member and customer interactions in mind.

By introducing Connected Community to your organization, you will open entirely new ways of interacting with and supporting your members and customers. Connected Community is purpose-built to improve engagement, promote information sharing, increase collaboration, solve problems and provide a forum for innovation. Community members can connect with each other or company staff any time of the day or night, from anywhere in the world, on any device.

Mobile Access with Connected Community.

The growth of the mobile web has been explosive. Tablet and smartphone sales continue to exceed their desktop counterparts, and there's a good chance customers and members access your sites and communities from their mobile devices. Whether they use Android, iOS or Windows Mobile—there's no compromise with Connected Community. Now your community can be accessible and usable.

Connected Community recognizes the device type being accessed, and it adapts to virtually any context in which it's viewed. This delivers a useful, relevant experience for community members, regardless of their browser, device or the limitations of either. The adaptive interface employs elements from different mobile enhancement approaches, so it offers a device-independent and mobile-optimized user experience.

Get started on building your secure, collaborative and private online community platform:
Higher Logic Connected Community.

Additional Modules


Let staff and volunteer leaders easily create and manage branded websites for committees, chapters, councils, ad hoc groups or special events.

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Volunteer Central

Promote volunteer opportunities directly to those looking for them.  Search the volunteer database for people with the skills, time or location needed.

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Event Manager & Calendar

Offer community leaders the tools to schedule and administer any type of meeting or event - from free webinars to complex multi-day conferences with paid registration.

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Mentor Match

Connect experienced mentors and ambitious mentees to share experience across generations and facilitate professional development.

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Simple and efficient, the CMS makes it easy for non-technical organization leaders to manage website content … and even launch new microsites.

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Mobile Apps

Engage your members while they're mobile, letting them search contacts, participate in discussions, check their messages and stay current with association news.

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