Intro to Customer Communities: 3 Ways a Branded Online Destination Builds Your Business

Corporations, Community Strategy, Retention, Revenue Growth // Michael and Chris lead community efforts at SaaS companies Delphix and Imperva. They're sharing big benefits community can have on CX & their businesses.

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Customer communities – what do they do for your business, really? Is a community a nice-to-have or a must-have?

Michael Torok and Chris Detzel lead community efforts at their SaaS companies, Delphix and Imperva, respectively.

They joined us to share why they began their communities, and the benefits they believe community will create for their customers and their organization.

We’re sharing those big ways a branded community benefits your customers and your organization.

1. Communities Grow Customer Retention

Delphix, a data operations platform for the cloud, launched their customer community in June of 2019, formed to empower customer success, advocacy, and support.

Michael, director of knowledge and community management at Delphix, calls communities a way for companies to “listen at scale.” He explains more:


Imperva, a cyber security software and services company, also launched their community in 2019. Chris, their global community manager, shared their community goals, which include peer-to-peer networking, creating a knowledge base, and optimizing the product for clients, along with reducing their support case load and enabling customers to help them make better products.

Ultimately, though, Chris said: “The main problem we’re trying to solve with our customer community is around retention: How do we retain our customers at a higher rate? When customers engage in the community, and they reply, ‘like’ posts, or add questions, you’ll generally retain them, and retain them at a higher rate.” Hear what else he had to say:

2. Communities Improve the Digital Customer Experience

Prior to Higher Logic, Delphix used a community platform provider that lent itself more to a transactional environment where people come for an answer, find it, then leave. But now, they’re working to turn their community into a destination that people want to return to.

For Chris, a vital part of Imperva’s community strategy is creating a hub where customers can find everything they need, so that their digital experience is streamlined and cohesive.

3. Communities Build Your Brand

Michael touched on the benefits a software community can have for your brand as a whole. Delphix created the DataOps movement, and they’re using community to gather people behind not only Delphix, but behind the movement.

Imperva is building their brand through community too, but with a slightly different approach – organic search. Chris knows that as their user-generated discussions grow, their community will grow in search authority, content, and relevance, boosting leads and brand awareness.

Communities Drive Growth for Customers and for Your Business

Future-focused companies know that communities will impact far more than just customer support – they grow your entire business.

Building a true customer community that’s more than a support portal but still a one-stop shop for customers creates a seamless customer experience, provides rich customer data for organizations that propels product and revenue growth, and builds your brand through search engine optimization (SEO) growth and thought leadership.

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