How the American Association of Endodontists Revitalized Their Member Community

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The American Association of Endodontists is a professional association for endodontists and a global resource for knowledge, research, and education for the profession, members, and the public. They use ACGI as their member database.

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Lack of Positive Virtual Connection

The American Association of Endodontists wanted a positive space for members to network, learn, and lean on one another. But their original community lacked a proactive plan for managing negativity and enforcing community guidelines — causing them to close down their community in 2019.


Relaunch with Dedicated Moderation

They knew their members needed a positive space to connect, so instead of stopping altogether, they wanted to relaunch with best practices. AAE worked with Higher Logic’s Strategic Services team to re-evaluate their three-strike policy, update the user interface, create a blogging program, and implement new moderation strategies. To reframe community goals and objectives, the AAE team went on a listening tour with association members to determine what they needed and wanted from a community. With a member-centric approach to community building, the marketing team could better understand their members and diversify their content planning.


“Our community is such a good listening tool for the association staff, helping us understand where members’ priorities are. It’s also great tool for introducing us to members who we don’t know much about. It gives our members a forum where they can be heard by the association and other members.”

Kim FitzSimmons Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, American Association of Endodontists

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