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How NMASBO Improves Member Value with Community Connection

Meet Our Customer

The New Mexico Association of School Business Officials (NMASBO) is the recognized leader in school business management and the trusted expert providing quality professional development and information resources for school business officials in New Mexico. The association uses YourMembership as their association management system (AMS).

We spoke with their team, Terry Dean, Executive Director, and Jessica Montaño, Deputy Director, to learn more about their choice to migrate to a new community platform with Higher Logic – and how members are reacting.

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Members Needed a User-Friendly, Engaging Community Solution

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the team realized their existing community solution, built on their AMS, YourMembership, wasn’t user-friendly enough to meet their need for member engagement. Plus, NMASBO knew there was only so much engagement they could encourage from Zoom calls.

NMASBO is the go-to association for continuing education for school finance administrators in New Mexico. But many of those hours used to take place with in-person events and workshops, which could no longer happen.

Terry said, “With the whole world going virtual, our survival depended upon our response to not seeing our members face-to-face.” With all this in mind, NMASBO started searching for a solution that would help them reconnect with members.


Build Strong Member Connections Via Higher Logic Community

NMASBO’s team wanted an easy-to-use engagement platform that they could quickly implement for members, so that they could realize value from their membership and stay connected with each other — and with NMASBO.

Members needed to be able to ask questions of one another and move fast, especially as back-to-school plans, hybrid learning options, and budget cuts made for a stressful working environment.

The association switched to Higher Logic Community to help their members stay engaged and implemented a virtual event strategy designed to re-create the spontaneity of in-person connection at their conferences. They switched to Higher Logic in August 2020, just in time for their first virtual event less than two months later.


“Our Higher Logic community was such a quick solution and our members didn’t see any stress. Everything happened within two months, and now it’s a well-oiled machine where our community takes care of each other. We don’t even have to worry about it, which is amazing.”

Jessica Montaño Deputy Director, NMASBO

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