NZIQS Creates Member-to-Member Connection Through Online Community

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The New Zealand Institute of Quantity Surveyors (NZIQS) works to represent and enhance the profession of quantity surveying for their 4,500+ members. They use MemNet as their member database.

We spoke with their Executive Director, Marilyn Moffatt, to learn why NZIQS invested in an online member community and how it’s enabling new opportunities for member-to-member connection.

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Lack of Member-to-Member Engagement

Prior to adopting an online community, NZIQS’s communication with members was usually by mass communication, other than at events. The association would send out a newsletter and correspond with some members via email, but the team knew that member engagement on the newsletter was low. They wanted to find a way to connect members with each other in a meaningful way, especially those who couldn’t attend events. They were also looking for new ways to reach student and younger members because the traditional methods (newsletters and emails) weren’t working.


Bring Members Together Virtually

NZIQS realised that with an online member community, their members could connect with each other digitally to network, communicate and help each other – and younger members would appreciate the collaborative, online space. The association decided to adopt an online community to try to boost member engagement.


“When I saw Higher Logic Community, I knew it was exactly what we wanted. Before, it felt like we were mainly communicating with newsletters. But community is so powerful; our members can connect with each other to network, communicate and help each other.”

Marilyn Moffatt Executive Director, NZIQS

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