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Advocate Marketing Carries Huge Power 

Customer marketing programs should be focusing on creating brand advocates by building advocacy programs.

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As a customer success professional, you know how important it is to utilize your customers.

Identifying brand advocates and building brand advocacy programs is a key responsibility customer experience teams should take on.

If you want to harness the power of your customer base and help drive attributable revenue download a copy of this book. 

01 Learn how to distinguish between Advocates, Influencers and Super Fans.

Learn how and why online community gamification can be used to improve overall organizational goals:

  1. Community gamification elements
  2. Organizational impacts

01 Learn how to distinguish between Advocates, Influencers and Super Fans.

02 Identify brand advocates from your current pool of customers.

Understand the three pillars of a successful gamification strategy:

  1. Affiliation
  2. Achievement
  3. Power

Find out how gamification can positively impact customer success trends:

  1. The Digitization of Customer Success
  2. Product-Led Growth
  3. The Rise of Customer Marketing

03 Secure executive buy-in for your program by measuring your program's success. 

04 See real-life examples of best-in-class advocacy programs.

Discover how best to implement a gamification strategy for your team:

  1. Aligning CS KPIs and Gamification goals
  2. Building strategy
  3. Real world examples