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Community Predictions 2023

Get ready for 2023 with your copy of the 8th Annual Edition of Community Predictions


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Adrian Speyer 

Head of Community at Higher Logic Vanilla

Erica Kuhl

Strategic Community Consultant at Erica Kuhl Consulting

Higher Logic Vanilla, in partnership with top community thought leaders, has created Community Predictions with Community, and community people, at heart.  #AllTogether.

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Download Community Predictions 2023 and find out how you can further improve your community's impact across your organization. 

Uncover how community will change the landscape of CX in 2023.

Discover how product feedback is going to be revolutionized through community

Delve into how community can scale customer success teams and tactics.

"Community is going to be more important to the survival of a business than ever."

Find out more in Community Predictions 2023.


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Nine leading community experts deep dive into Community in 2023 and help you prepare for the coming year. 

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2023 will be a big year for community and customer-centric organizations!

We interviewed nine community experts about community’s impact across various departments, the value of community, and how companies can do more with their community in the coming year.

Find out what they had to say in this year’s Community Predictions.

Brian Oblinger 

Strategic Community Consultant

Marjorie Anderson

Founder of Community by Association

Jenny Weigle 

CEO of Jenny.Community Consulting Services

Learn how organizations that implement community will see long-term results and unparalleled per dollar efficiencies.  

Learn how the relationship between marketer and community manager can be mutually beneficial.

Todd Nilson

President of Clocktower Advisors

Jono Bacon 

Community & Collaboration Strategy Consultant

Carrie Melissa Jones 

Community Strategist, Researcher and Author

Shana Sumers

Principal Marketing Manager, DEI&B & Community Programming at Hubspot

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