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How Self-Service Can Drive Down Costs and Improve CX

Blake Morgan, best-selling author, and all round customer experience expert has put together a complimentary eBook on the value of self-service.


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How Self-Service Can Drive Down Cost and Improve Customer Experience

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Self-Service can be a polarizing topic.

Many people think that self-service is a low-end experience and would much rather offer their customers “personalized attention.” But those in the know understand that actually, self-service is, in fact, a white glove offering.

Best-selling author and customer experience thought leader Blake Morgan has put it all down on paper for you. Self-service can improve customer experience and simultaneously drive down costs.

That’s right. You can both boost your customer experience while spending less. This eBook details it all!

01 What is Gamification?

Customer preferences and expectations around customer experience and self service; and business drivers like cost and agent satisfaction levels.

01 Learn how and why offering self-service options improves the agent experience and leads to a better customer experience

02 Learn about different self-service channels and implementing them in your business

What chat-bots, knowledge-base and community can offer your customer experience, and which are the most desirable to customers.

Learn how Tesla, Amazon, TeamViewer and other world-leading companies are adapting to the self-service expectations of customers.

03 Read case studies of strong self-service platforms across multiple industries

04 Uncover best practices for creating systems where answers find customers

How to leverage processes, data and simplicity in rethinking and designing a seemless customer experience.