Make Your Emails Really Shine

Email marketing is still a super effective channel: Associations say it’s the second most popular channel for recruitment, and 83% say email marketing generated the most renewals (Marketing General, Inc.). If you know how to use it well, you can create a powerful, personal strategy to meet your audience with the right message and accomplish your important goals. Ready to go? 

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Do you want to get better at email? Take our two-week course! Made specifically with associations in mind, each lesson will help you learn how to use this powerful channel more effectively, whether you’re communicating with existing members or prospecting for new ones. In the course, you’ll get access to our most valuable expertise and best practices.

Email Marketing 101

What you’ll learn

Email deliverability
Building your email list
Marketing automation
Design and copy

Become an Email Genius

Two weeks. Ten emails. No counting how far you’ll go.

When you sign up for the course, you’ll receive email lessons every weekday for two weeks, covering the fundamental topics – take a quiz at the end, and you did it!


In each lesson, we’ll go over a core component of email marketing, including: