AARC Brings Back 800 Lapsed Members With Automated Win-Back Campaign

The American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC) is a not-for-profit professional association for respiratory therapists with more than 52,000 members worldwide. AARC had a growing number of lapsed members, which was both a challenge and an opportunity. They used Higher Logic and an iMIS integration to create a targeted win-back strategy.

Nearly 800 lapsed members rejoined AARC resulting in over $64,000 in membership dues. They saw open rates of 40% for the more recently lapsed members and 33% for those whose membership lapsed 7 to 24 months ago.

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Create a seamless user experience

  • Your iMIS database is the central hub of your member data, but the Higher Logic Engagement Platform is the center of the member experience. 

Capture detailed user and activity data all in one place

  • Higher Logic integrates and syncs with data changes automatically. Continue to manage records the way you always have. 

Deliver a 360-degree view of your users’ experience 

  • Using your data, deliver personalized experiences to every member based on interests, skills, and networks. 

Drive engagement and growth

  • Automatically add members to relevant campaigns that convert at higher rates and drive more non-dues revenue. 



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Business Model


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Create a seamless, personalized member experience

The Higher Logic and iMIS integration is the most powerful combination of association technology that drives long-term association growth. See what you can do when you seamlessly integrate your AMS, online community, and marketing automation platform.

“For communities that can connect engagement directly to business value, 77% of Advanced External Community programs impact customer loyalty – a top line, complex objective being pursued aggressively in today’s business climate"

The State of Community Management Report 2020

“None of us have the time to constantly be manually sending out emails of this kind. It makes perfect sense to automate.”


Associate Executive Director Of Membership (Former), AARC 


Higher Logic’s number one focus is engagement. Our powerful community management features help you:


at scale with automation rules, our rule-based nudges

"Higher Logic allowed my previous employer to reinvent and reinvigorate our previous online community -- with new features, new usability, and a new interface. This allowed customers with a combination of up to 25 potential products to find product news, submit product ideas, and engage with support tools and knowledge base resources in a targeted, relevant experience -- all in addition to the core peer-to-peer community functionality."

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For over a decade, hundreds of associations have used the Higher Logic and iMIS integration to make sense of the member data at their fingertips.

Associations can leverage data from iMIS with their Higher Logic online community behavior and email interactions to personalize every step of the member journey, creating a seamless member experience that drives engagement, renewals, and growth.

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different types of engagement with discussion and Q&A threads, blog posts, ideation, and more


community progress with robust reporting capabilities, like our Engagement Benchmark Score


and reward your advocates with gamification tools


Senior Director Of Councils And Member Engagement, American Staffing Association 

“As a long-time client of Higher Logic, working with Strategic Services has challenged processes that have been in place for years. We have always seen value in community, and it consistently comes up as a top benefit on member surveys, but this has challenged the way we were managing the community. It’s allowed us to put a little shine on an old community.”


Digital Communications Coordinator, Australian Human Resources Institute 

“We wanted to show the member what they’re entitled to, and how to access it. With our new, automated email campaigns, Higher Logic helps us create those relationships.”

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