Make the most of your non-dues revenue. 

In a challenging economy, it’s more important than ever for associations to think about how they can diversify their revenue streams. It’s less than ideal to be in a position where all the financial needs of the organization are reliant on what members spend.

Join our experienced panel as they explore:

  • Ideas for collecting non-dues revenue (sponsorship, job boards, merch, etc.)
  • How technology can support your non-dues efforts 
  • How to get a sponsorship up and running (plus tips for adjusting existing programs)
  • And more!

Watch the Recording!

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Our Panelists

Emily Stamm

Senior Sales Engineer at Higher Logic

Kelly Whelan

Content Marketing Manager at Higher Logic

May 9, 2023

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Edward Byers, CHRP, CMP, CAE

Business Development at CSAE


How Your Association Can Prepare for Economic Uncertainty

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As a Senior Sales Engineer at Higher Logic, a leading provider of online community and marketing automation software, Emily Stamm delivers technical and strategic expertise and guidance to the sales team, and collaborates closely with customers and prospective customers to comprehend their requirements and tailor solutions accordingly. Previously, she served as a Strategic Consultant at Higher Logic, offering strategic guidance and day-to-day management and support for several associations' communities and marketing efforts.

Ed Byers, CHRP, CMP, CAE is a seasoned association professional who has driven over $20M of new revenue for associations. Ed currently oversees Business Development efforts at the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE). Ed also works with associations to help increase their revenues so they can increase their impact.

Kelly Whelan is the Content Marketing Manager for Higher Logic. She has almost 10 years of experience working on marketing for associations and nonprofits. Most recently she served as the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications for Public Responsibility in Medicine and Research (PRIM&R), a nonprofit with a membership arm dedicated to advancing ethical research and supporting research ethics and oversight professionals. Having worked on several small-but-mighty teams, she’s particularly passionate about finding ways to make big impacts through sustainable efforts.