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Building the Business Case for Online Community

You know the benefits of an online community but communicating the value within your organization can prove difficult.

Use our free framework to build a solid business case for your online community initiative!

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Find out how gamification can positively impact customer success trends:

  1. The Digitization of Customer Success
  2. Product-Led Growth
  3. The Rise of Customer Marketing

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Get the eBook

To secure executive buy in for your online community, you need to create an impactful and strategic business case.

Ensuring you cover all the bases and successfully align your business’ goals with your community outcomes is key to securing approval and obtaining resources.

Our free template includes these sections for your to build your case:

01 What is Gamification?

  • Executive Summary
  • Business Need & Opportunity Overview
  • Project Summary
  • Impact Analysis
  • Assumptions & Additional Factors
  • Approvals

01 Making Support Solutions Available Online

02 Why Positive Experiences Resonate More than Negative

Customers who have positive experiences with a brand are highly likely to act.

79% of customers expect organizations to offer them self-service tools. 

03 Self-Service Expectations

04 Building Customer Trust 

The leading driver of customer trust is excellent customer support.

Download and complete our free template to build your community business case.