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Start making stronger relationships with your customers or members, with Higher Logic’s leading online community tools. Schedule an introductory call to learn how. 

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Say Hello to Connected with Our Online Community Platform


5x more spend from engaged community members


50% decrease in transactional requests


28% reduction in support tickets

Activate the Power of Member and Customer Engagement 

Your customer and member relationships don’t have to be distant. See how a Higher Logic online community can get them engaged, excited, and invested in all you have to offer.

See what our customers ARE SAYING

“Our last community platform provider was more of a ‘break-fix’ kind of situation. Now, on Higher Logic, we’re working to make our community a destination. When we meet people at our user groups, we bring them into the community to continue those conversations in a virtual forum, so that it’s a place where they want to stay, rather than solve a problem once and then leave.”

Michael Torok, Director of Knowledge and Community Management, Delphix

“Our Higher Logic community gives active members a place to connect, even if we’re not able to host in-person events. The COVID-19 pandemic caused us as an organization to really think about our digital offerings, and how we could give our members a place to connect digitally. I think every industry needs to think strategically about what they’re doing digitally, and if you weren’t already using an online community, you really have to do it now. Online communities have never been more important.”

Tirza Austin, Online Community Manager | ASCE

Invest in Online Community Engagement – INVEST IN RETENTION

Online community engagement is key to retaining your members or customers and earning their loyalty. Higher Logic’s highly rated online community platform helps you do both.

Get them connected in your online community. 

Bring your customers, members, or users together in your online community, and you’ll see amazing things happen: new ideas created, old processes improved, and valuable connections made. 

Grow their interest and investment with personalized content.

Our online community platform helps you personalize each journey. Use our best-in-class engagement tools to offer the content, connections, and next steps that keep them coming back.

Use smart automation to increase their online community engagement.

Cut down on staff effort and wasted time with the power of peer-to-peer support and time-saving tools. Whether your community is 1,000 members or 100,000 members, you can reach your customers or members with a connected experience.

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