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An Exploratory Research Study: Customer Experience and Customer Self-Support

Excellent customer experience is paramount to the success of any organization. Ensuring that you serve your customers how they want is step one to providing excellent CX.

Our research details which factors have the biggest impact in shaping customer experiences – our biggest takeaway? Self-service is a must.

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Find out how gamification can positively impact customer success trends:

  1. The Digitization of Customer Success
  2. Product-Led Growth
  3. The Rise of Customer Marketing

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02 Why Positive Experiences Resonate More than Negative

Customers who have positive experiences with a brand are highly likely to act.

04 Building Customer Trust 

The leading driver of customer trust is excellent customer support.

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There are many things that help shape a customer's experience with your brand, and the ability to access self-service support with ease is one of them.

We surveyed 285 people to understand their habits and preferences regarding customer support, customer experiences and how it influences their actions.

This research report will provide you with an overview of customer attitudes towards self-support efforts, namely with online communities and knowledge bases, and further explore which factors have the biggest impact in shaping a customer's experience.

01 What is Gamification?

Customers are often unable to find support solutions online – which is generally the first place they look.

01 Making Support Solutions Available Online

79% of customers expect organizations to offer them self-service tools. 

03 Self-Service Expectations

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