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Billy Volpone

Community Strategist at Higher Logic

Every name you hear used for an online community (knowledge base, forum, group, support portal, user group, private network, message board) suggests something different about your community’s purpose.

A support portal is a place where customers get questions answered, a knowledge base is where customers download resources, a forum is where customers post their opinions.

But if you’re trying to engage your customers, none of these really addresses the end-to-end customer lifecycle. Support, resources, and discussions are all great and needed, but they’re only pieces of a complete strategy.

So what should a true customer community strategy include? Join Billy Volpone (a community strategist versed in Jive, Lithium, Salesforce, and Higher Logic) to learn more, covering topics like: 

  • Purpose of a modern customer community
  • How to approach customer lifecycle phases
  • Which use cases work best together

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Think Bigger: Your Customer Community Strategy Could Be Doing More

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Online communities mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. But we think there’s one right way to approach them.