Customer Advocacy Management

Improve the customer experience and transform customer loyalty

Customers are the foundation of any company’s success. The ideal customer journey starts with initial questions and product feedback, working all the way up to advocacy outreach and leadership participation. Engagement with a customer helps your company create a better product and increase loyalty and retention.

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Core Features


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Customer Advocacy Manager

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Higher Logic’s Customer Advocacy Management system makes it easy to find, track, and reward your best and most vocal customers. This system simplifies the process of turning your passionate customers into brand advocates at every level. Make customer involvement easy, and incorporate your company’s programs, events, and other initiatives into one engagement platform.

This intuitive and easy-to-use platform will give your company the right tools:

  • Encourage customer engagement with better insight, rewards, and recognition programs
  • Streamline and automate advocacy and outreach processes to engage more people
  • Effectively track and report online/offline engagement with a detailed points system to give you an accurate picture of your programs
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Core capabilities

Automate customer management

We made it easy to create and fill advocacy opportunities that fit every customer’s skills, interests, and location. Replace manual solicitation, selection, and tracking with targeted automation to save staff time and yield better results.

Reward and recognize

Encourage participation with gamification tactics like virtual badges, ribbons, and a customer leaderboard. The flexible system also helps you identify and reward customers using traditional practices, like Thank You letters and physical gifts.

Personalize advocacy efforts

Configure any opportunity to your exact specifications, and post openings or opportunities in a searchable, online database. Customers fill out profiles including information on their location and interests. Using this information, give your customers easy-access opportunities, and send automatic notifications on what fits their interests.

Track engagement

Measure advocacy efforts at any level with a time- and experience-based point system. Track individual advocacy programs, individual engagement points, and opportunities throughout the year, and calculate the real dollar value for your customer advocacy programs. Use this information to create a complete, accurate picture of your company and customers.


of customers say buying decisions are influenced by product/service reviews from user-generated content.

— Gartner Group