Event Communities

The best attendee experience starts with a vibrant event community

Outside of an online community, organizational events are the foundation for information exchange. Events empower your attendees to forge new relationships, reconnect with colleagues, and experience new ideas.

An event community makes it easy to set up, promote, and ensure a high-quality attendee experience. Create and maintain a dedicated web presence for live events it’s the perfect way to build engagement before, during, and after the event. Attendees can interact at any time, helping you build momentum, increase targeted engagement, and ultimately expand event relevancy and longevity.

Event Community Device Bundle - ILTA

Event experience

Improve the attendee experience online and in person. Our Event Communities can boost attendee networking, improve the mobile experience, offer better resources, and incorporate gamification.

Event Community

Your community can serve as the organizational source for your events, whether it’s a local meet-up, webinar, regional event, annual summit, or a multi-day conference.

Mobile Apps

Attendees can have an incredible mobile experience at all of your organization’s events. Share complete event details to enhance attendee networking during and post event.


Give your members and attendees a place to collaborate and network, where they can ask questions, provide answers, share resources, and discuss upcoming or past events.

Directory of Attendees

Create a dedicated social network where attendees manage their own event profiles, form communities, and network with colleagues, fellow attendees, and friends.

Gamification Tools

Encourage participation with gamification tactics like virtual badges, ribbons, and an attendee leaderboard, while tracking and rewarding attendees.

Resource Library

Build a knowledge base of event resources and content. Whether it’s session videos, event collateral, or attendee-generated content, create a dynamic event repository.

Event management

Organize a simple, straightforward registration experience for all. Event organizers can easily develop comprehensive session schedules and multi-track event programs with minimal staff and support.

We help you take event organizing and the personalized attendee experience to the next level, with automated campaigns, end-to-end collection and processing of registration data, and more opportunities to generate revenue through sponsorships.

Event Website

Publish and manage branded websites for all of your events. Work with easy-to-use layouts and tools that include website tracking and improved SEO.


Streamline collection and processing of registration data for all events— from short, free meetings all the way to multi-day paid conferences.

Event Agendas/Scheduling

Create itineraries, session and speaker resources, event-focused discussions, and timely announcements.

Automation Rules

Stay organized and actively reach out to attendees, partners, and sponsors with rules-based logic to improve communications before, during, and after any event.


Extensive reporting capabilities and dashboards show attendee participation and a direct ROI calculation of true dollar value for every attendee activity.