Marketing Automation Professional

Don’t just send email, build a relationship

Marketing Automation doesn’t have to be hard. Higher Logic Marketing Automation Professional (powered by Informz) has made it easy for anyone to build automated campaigns that tell compelling stories, create real connections, and drive results. Marketing Automation makes it easier for you to do your job – to deliver tailored, relevant emails to members that drive engagement and retention, ultimately building your organization more revenue.

Manage campaigns more effectively

Create emails and templates with drag-and-drop functionality (or access to a full library of pre-built templates) all without prior HTML experience. Visualize your campaigns with a step-by-step canvas and build new marketing assets quickly. Built-in Adobe® creative editing tools empower in app image creation and editing, optimized for each message.

Segment Smarter

Create emails with dynamic content blocks that personalize messaging based on real-time data from your database. Use personas and lead scoring to move beyond basic metrics with tools and analytics that help you better understand your audience and define your strategy.

VHMA grew membership revenue by $18,000 and saw a 50% time savings.

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Out-of-the-box automated campaigns

Communications and campaigns can start now — just browse pre-built common business uses like welcome campaigns, event registration, member renewal, and new member recruitment. Built in tools optimize send time and pinpoint audience behavior to guide your efforts.

FAIA’s automated campaigns lead to 201% increase in engagement.

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Strong AMS integrations

We partner with all leading AMS providers, meaning you get a complete picture of a member’s contact and activity history. Personalize any communication based on AMS data and write back any email activity to your AMS.

Capture and convert

Use landing pages and website tracking to gather valuable activity to further refine targeting and messaging in campaigns.

Streamline Reporting

Easy-to-read campaign reports, scoring, and conversion tracking gives you a clear view of how your email campaigns are performing.

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