Activity Sync

Community activity and engagement tracking at every level

Activity Sync helps you gain valuable insight into your member engagement. Track members’ community activities while being able to assess and analyze that same data in your AMS/CRM system.

Activity Sync writes back a member’s Higher Logic activities to the organization’s AMS or CRM database. With that data, you can create custom reports and extended engagement data. This tracking generates a 360-degree view of your members and actionable business intelligence to inform the overall engagement strategy of your organization.

The value of writing back your member data

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From planning renewal and retention strategies to finding new volunteers and customers, these options will help you optimize Activity Sync for your organization's programs:

  • Immediately see what members are doing with a snapshot of activities, whether it’s event attendance, webinars or even just accepting the community terms of use
  • Track both community and organization activities all in one place, like product purchases and event attendance, and create a single, unified engagement score
  • Generate monthly/quarterly/annual engagement report cards to track and present to stakeholders

Activity Sync automatically writes back over 100 activities from your community to your database, including:

  • Announcements
  • Automation rules
  • Blog posts
  • Community groups
  • Contacts
  • Discussion messages
  • Document uploads
  • Events and calendar
  • Glossary entries
  • Mentoring opportunities
  • Library resources