Customer Advocacy Manager

Turn your passionate customers into brand advocates at all levels

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Your best customers love your products, are willing to advocate for your company, and take the lead on answering peer questions – just give them the opportunity.

Our community platform for product advocacy and support empowers your most vocal customers to make their feedback and powerful testimonials matter. When your customers provide detailed, authentic responses to questions, your support team doesn't have to. Friendly conversations about product enhancements and updates give your team the insight to move your products in the right direction, while ensuring your customers are always heard.

A customer engagement experience

Our Customer Advocacy Manager feature helps you simplify your advocacy efforts through improved recognition programs, automated advocacy and effectively tracking customer activity.

  • Automate customer management and engagement to save time and collect better insight
  • Encourage participation with recognition programs and gamification tactics
  • Track and report online/offline engagement with a detailed points system for all programs

Personalize every advocate's journey along the Customer Commitment Curve

We use the curve in community management as a way to measure a community member’s progress in their level of commitment to the community.

It’s always beneficial to chart the progress of individuals through a change, serving as a road map to move members to greater levels of advocacy and engagement. The Customer Commitment Curve helps with your company's programming and your customers' planning for future opportunities.