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Connect with speakers and industry leaders for your next event

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Search for and connect with industry leaders, speakers, and subject matter experts for any of your organization’s events, meetings, and conferences. Experts and speakers can manage their own profiles, taking the burden off of your organization to manage a database.

Expert Directory is both easy to use and effective for building a detailed directory of leaders and experts in your industry. It can serve as your foundation for collecting information on speakers and leaders interested in volunteering or contributing in a variety of ways. It’s a simple step-by-step process of searching by preferred field, reading through relevant bios and credentials, and pressing a button to make a connection.

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Create a directory of experts

Populate a directory filled with your industry's speakers and subject matter experts. Profiles can be open to the general public or only accessible to community members. Search through criteria like name, location, speaker fee, expertise, bios, and even previous presentation titles.

Whether you are searching for an expert or submitting a profile to participate, it’s easy to review search results and check out an expert’s credentials. A complete expert profile can include anything from basic contact information and areas of interest, to videos and slides of previous presentations, reimbursement information, and a friendly URL to share with others.