Group Manager

Tools to Empower Group Leaders

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Many organizations have groups, or subsets of members formed around common interests or work that distinguishes them from the larger organization. These groups provide an opportunity to deliver a unique experience to these members. Empower your volunteer group leaders with the tools they need to succeed with Group Manager, a Higher Logic module built specifically for targeting, engaging with and tracking the success of your group.

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Group Manager offers group leaders tools to:

Customize the member experience. With Group Manager, group leaders can deliver customized content to their group while still staying connected to the national organization. Targeted ads increase the opportunity for advertisers to reach their intended audience and give members relevant content. Customized slide shows create a more personal feel for group members.

Communicate with target audiences. Targeted emails with automated workflows allow volunteer leaders to send personalized messages to their members. Administrators can create lists from predefined criteria to segment the database for targeted member campaigns and outreach using sophisticated automation rules. Create templates and include attachments to make the process seamless for group leaders and useful for your community members.

Track success. Group-specific dashboards allow volunteer leaders to see the performance of their group and compare it to other groups within the overarching organization. Group dashboards provide insights into member activities, allowing for period-over-period performance tracking. Customizable, dynamic charts include membership growth tracking, retention rates, volunteer hours, contribution tracking and more.