Crowd source ideas from within your community

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Your community is already full of new ideas. As customers request new features and share ideas with each other, they can help organically build out your product roadmap. Formalize those ideas and requests with Ideation, a Higher Logic Online Community module built specifically to gather user submissions and feedback from the community. Any community can benefit from ideation, as it gives users an opportunity to deliver value and feel invested in your organization.

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Build a culture that supports innovation

Organize ideas. Members today naturally generate new ideas within their discussions. But when your product team is looking to build their roadmap, those requests and ideas can be hard to locate and track. Ideation provides one centralized location for all your ideas and feedback. The search ahead functionality makes it simple for users to see what has already been proposed, so no one submits duplicates. Idea Categories allow users and admins to group similar ideas together and filter through results.

Gather feedback. Just because one user finds a new feature or idea to be critical to their workflow, doesn’t mean it’s important and useful to most of your base. Ideation allows other users to upvote or downvote ideas, as well as provide comments. This collaborative environment captures ideas and thoughts from many and keeps the relevant information in a centralized space.

Share results. Administrators keep users up to date with the progress of their idea submittals with customized statuses. Admins can share when an idea has been submitted, accepted, under review, in development, and more. It builds a sense of buy-in to the future of the product where users know their ideas are heard and the product team can keep them abreast of new developments.

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