Learning Management System (LMS)

Extend online learning to your community members

Learning is more than just taking courses. Community and learning go together seamlessly, bringing peer-to-peer support and subject matter experts together. It’s a dynamic environment with an individualized experience. Customize your community learning environment to offer the right products to the right learners, at the right time.

Higher Logic’s Learning Management System (LMS) feature brings together all your education resources in a single, branded location. Complementary to your community’s discussions, library resources, and member programs, the LMS is your all-in-one portal for social learning, whether it’s continuing education, certification courses, or gamified interaction.

Learning Management System Screenshot

Leverage your community engagement strategies and support members’ continued learning

Here’s how you can incorporate LMS into your community:

  • Support interactive webinars, member-built courses, certificate programs, learning paths, and interactive forums
  • Apply your organization’s brand throughout with flexible customization capabilities
  • Integrate your AMS/CRM/database with your community and LMS
  • Provide a seamless experience with single sign-on for members across the platform
  • Track learning and progress with a member dashboard that includes performance history
  • Analyze learning programs and courses with enhanced reporting tools on course creation, curriculum tracking, and group feedback
1/1/2018 to 4/3/2018

Build an Enriched Online Learning Environment

Looking to boost your education program? Join us on April 3 at 2PM ET for a webinar on how organizations like yours have created more personal, interactive learning and training opportunities for their members by combining online learning with peer-to-peer engagement.

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