Mentor Match

Connect experienced mentors with ambitious mentees

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Enabling mentorship within your organization sets the tone for a new generation of educated, informed constituents. Customize your organization’s professional development and networking experiences. Connect mentors and mentees to share resources and experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals.

Whether members want a dedicated space to share resources and maintain a network of mentoring relationships, or simply an easier way to contact and connect one-on-one — Mentor Match offers the flexibility and creativity for better professional development.

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Build a network for members to gain experience

Your members can serve as both mentors and mentees – the system works to connect both based on interests and experience.

Members can sign up and create profiles with specific demographics, interests, and skills. Are you looking to mentor a young professional in your industry? Do you want to find an industry leader who will share their unique work experience? Create profiles and demographics that are easily searched to find relationship matches, and track the statuses of mentor and mentee requests.

Mentor Match helps your members make lasting connections:

  • Showcase leadership within your organization
  • Give mentees access to a support system
  • Provide direct access to powerful resources
  • Reveal identification of skill gaps