Volunteer Manager

Encourage volunteerism at all levels using an intuitive system that makes it easy to find, track, and reward member engagement

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Let your member community be the engagement platform for your volunteer outreach and opportunities. Drive member involvement in organization, component, personal, and industry levels, while streamlining your volunteer engagement process and reward/recognition system.

Optimize Higher Logic’s Volunteer Manager for your organization’s programs, events, and all volunteerism efforts:

  • Encourage member engagement with better rewards and recognition programs
  • Streamline volunteer process with an automated and easy-to-use system
  • Track engagement with a point system that measures offline volunteer efforts

No other system makes it easier to find volunteers – or for volunteers to find a suitable opportunity. Volunteer Manager allows organization leaders to grant “volunteer administrator” status to individual members, in order to post their own openings in the volunteer database. A host of configuration tools allow administrators to tailor the opportunity to their exact specifications.

Personalize every member's volunteer journey along the Volunteer Commitment Curve

We use the curve in community management as a way to measure a community member’s progress in their level of commitment to the community.

It’s always beneficial to chart the progress of individuals through a change, serving as a road map to move members to greater levels of volunteering engagement. The Volunteer Commitment Curve helps with your organization's programming and your members' planning for future opportunities.

Volunteer Manager - The Volunteer Experience

Want to learn more about volunteer engagement? Download our latest eBook: The Volunteer Experience: Your Organization's Journey with Community, and learn how online communities can serve as a foundation for the revitalization of your volunteer program.

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