Automation Rules

Automation Rules to help administrators organize and stay active with users

Connect with the right users at the right time – automatically. Using our configurable automation rules, administrators can decide how and when they interact with community members using rules-based logic. The tool improves communications with your users, reporting, and user recognition, allowing community managers to focus their time on their most important responsibility – increasing user engagement.

Incentivize users by setting up onboarding communications, routine emails, and digital badges and ribbons that add a personal touch to everyday interactions, and reinforce positive content creation from community members.

Interested in Learning More? We've created a resource center that shares the specifics of our automation rules. Find it here: Higher Logic's Automation Rules Resource Center

Automation: more than just an email tool

Automation set-up is clear-cut, with options and conditions for nearly any activity on your community. Use either our pre-set rules, Best Practice campaigns, or create your own rules. Simply choose the ones that fit specific needs or stages of the community, and turn them on.

Admins can also build new demographics, security groups, and pre-filled communities based on previous activity. Select rules that immediately update user profiles with badges and ribbons to reward your best advocates. Create and export spreadsheets or subsets for new automation rules for better tracking. Improve campaigns and outreach by setting up automated messages for new users or those who have not been active in a certain number of days. Automation Rules provide reporting that tracks the success of the specific rules using conversion metrics.

Track and report

Collect conversion metrics to easily determine which automation rules and campaigns are driving your desired outcomes. Some Higher Logic clients found pre-set rules to yield conversion rates over 50 percent – the value in tracking community motivation and activities is clear. No more guessing or manual matching to see which actions work for your community.

One healthcare organization conducted two automated email campaigns that yielded 258 new clients, and resulted in $32,250 in additional revenue.