Find and connect with community members, colleagues, and mentors

The Directories feature gives organizations an innovative way for members to meet new people, interact, and form relationships. An online community directory is an important means of communicating – members can build contact lists, find mutual connections, and access groups relevant to their interests.

Directories provide a foundation of networking and relationship-building that leads to a robust, member-driven community. Pre-filled and updateable, secure profiles enable members to find each other and easily form groups. All members have the ability to blog and participate in group discussions. Create ribbons and badges to recognize the most active members and encourage engagement.

Help members connect and interact

  • Pre-filled profiles with information from the CRM, AMS or LinkedIn
  • Automated networks to discover colleagues with similar backgrounds or interests
  • Blogs to give community members a voice
  • Customizable privacy preferences at every level
  • Gamification tools like badges and digital ribbons for recognizing active members
  • Pre-established or ad-hoc groups to easily start discussions and solve problems
  • Integrated websites, discussions and resource libraries for your groups