Combine the best features of listservs and forums for instant, active conversations in your community

Discussions provide a centralized place where members can interact – ask questions, offer answers, and debate in a private, secure forum. Members can email, post threads, and connect with thousands of other members instantly, as well as share and post documents directly within Discussions.

Your discussion threads will flow seamlessly among email, mobile devices, and the online community. Open a daily digest email on your phone during the commute, respond to the latest discussion, and then check out the continuing conversation on the community site at your desktop later that day.

Collect all of this user-generated content to improve member engagement and retention. Discussions also give organizations an innovative opportunity to generate a significant add-on revenue stream by including advertising and sponsorship opportunities within its messages.

Members can instantly share and interact

  • Single Sign-On (SSO) seamlessly integrates discussion groups with existing websites
  • Features to upload videos, attachments, and embed HTML graphics into forums
  • Integrated with Resource Libraries for safe access and sharing of archived files
  • Daily, weekly, and real-time email digest options to highlight recent discussions
  • Faceted search across all discussions and groups
  • Moderation levels for members to track and monitor their own communities
  • Custom security groups based on member type/activity from the AMS/CRM/database
  • Public archiving and auto-publishing features to drive traffic to your site