Resource Library

Build a shared knowledge base of best practices, documents, and media

The Resource Library empowers the community to build an industry knowledge base. Information-sharing within an organization is critical to its success. Because information can change and evolve so rapidly, it’s imperative for community members and admins to share and disseminate content quickly, effectively, and in an accessible format.

Members share files through online libraries that can be arranged according to the needs of your organization. Once files are published, they can be indexed for search on your website or optionally visible on public search engines. The result: searchable content available to a wider audience. Available resources can increase your website’s traffic and exposure to your organization.

Document and share community knowledge

  • Host content for community members, customers, prospects, and admins
  • Personalize RSS feeds to provide resource updates
  • Automatically convert videos to MP4 for streaming
  • Incorporate advertising opportunities to generate add-on revenue
  • Collaborative tagging process and tag group management
  • Extensive file-sharing, categorization, and sorting
  • Fields to comment, recommend, and moderate files