Widget Builder

Connect your community’s content and value to the outside world

The Widget Builder helps you share the best content anywhere and highlight its value for a broader audience. Selected content can be embedded on other websites and found through most browser searches. Every widget is clickable, bringing the user straight to the original content’s source. Administrators can set up unique widgets for a myriad of content pieces, from a new and engaging discussion thread to an upcoming event announcement.

Share and highlight your community's best content

Widgets are small but powerful web page applications that offer strong content for your community's design and user experience, like event countdowns, industry announcements, local weather, and more.

  • Customize any piece of content with easy configuration and CSS editing and styling options
  • Embed codes for easy, “copy and paste” installation
  • Preview feature to experiment with widget designs
  • Security settings to differentiate public content and private information in the community