Create an Engaging Experience For Your Community

Engagement platforms that make it easy to create value for your customers and inform your organization

We’re an engagement company. We built this suite of products to support Higher Logic’s mission: to bring your organization and your people together. And when that happens, your customers and members become invested, their experience improves, and your organization makes better decisions based on user-generated data.

Customer success starts with building a network of engaged customers. Each of our products takes members and customers beyond traditional engagement to create frictionless, loyal connections – anytime, anywhere.

Engagement equals higher retention

Our products facilitate idea sharing and connections – amongst members, customers, prospects and your organization. Guide them through a personalized journey with community, where each small step creates stronger engagement and deeper loyalty. Better engagement gives both you and your members a wealth of knowledge and resources. Every interaction with our products generates information – which we make easy for you to track and integrate with various products and services.

Start creating long-term relationships that translate into higher retention and overall satisfaction.

Engagement platforms for every organization

Online Communities

An online community gives your customers, members and prospects a secure and interactive location to engage and build value. Provide faster, better response times for your users, while improving loyalty and increasing retention.

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Volunteer Management

Our Volunteer Management platform makes it easy to find, track and reward volunteer engagement. This flexible system helps organizations personalize every member’s volunteer journey, accelerating their levels of engagement.

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Customer Advocacy Management

Customers are the foundation of any company’s success. Our Customer Advocacy Management platform simplifies the process of turning your passionate customers into brand advocates at every level, from recognition programs to automating advocacy and effectively tracking activities.

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Small Org Web Management

Use our Small Org Web Management solution to build a compelling website that supports your organization’s mission and goals, while empowering your members to interact and share industry insights with our built-in community tools.

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Event Communities

Our Event Communities platform is the perfect way to build engagement throughout an event – attendees can interact at any time, helping you build momentum, increase engagement and ultimately expand event relevancy.

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