Volunteer Management

Take volunteer management, member engagement, and tracking to the next level

Volunteering at every level is part of any organization’s success. Research shows the ideal volunteer journey starts with small tasks and virtual participation, working all the way up to committees and leadership positions – what we call the Volunteer Commitment Journey. Bringing together members for a variety of useful, educational, insightful and fun volunteer opportunities requires unique strategies and techniques that leverage individual contributions.

Core Features

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Volunteer Manager

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Higher Logic’s intuitive Volunteer Management system makes it easy for organizations to move volunteers along the Volunteer Commitment Journey. The system allows you to seamlessly track and reward volunteer engagement at any level. You can personalize every member’s volunteer journey, accelerating their levels of engagement.

This easy-to-use platform provides your organization with all the right tools:

  • Encourage volunteer participation and increase volunteer engagement
  • Streamline the volunteer management process
  • Effectively track and report on all engagement
  • Measure the ROI of your volunteer programs
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Core capabilities

Automate volunteer management

We make it easy to create, manage, and track volunteer opportunities that engage every volunteer’s skills, interests, and location. Replace manual solicitation, selection, and tracking of volunteers with targeted automation to save time, increase participation, and yield better results.

Personalize volunteer profiles

Members have easy access to their profiles, where they can fill out information with their skills, experience, and volunteer interests. Use email and notification options to actively push volunteer opportunities that fit your members' increasing participation and volunteer satisfaction.

Reward and recognize

Encourage participation with gamification tactics like virtual badges, ribbons, and a volunteer leaderboard. The system also helps you track and reward volunteers using traditional practices, like Thank You letters and physical gifts. Fellow volunteers can also nominate each other if they want to volunteer together or see a position that fits someone they know. This peer-to-peer encouragement builds community within the system and increases overall engagement.

Demonstrate ROI

Show direct ROI and true dollar value of every volunteer activity with our extensive reporting capabilities and executive dashboards. Compare volunteer types and activities using a volunteer scorecard, where functions such as time, experience level, and dollar rate/value per opportunity can be adjusted to show value levels for different volunteers and programs. These tools help you create an accurate picture of your volunteer programs so you can make them as effective as possible.

Track engagement

Measure all volunteer efforts within your organization with a time- and experience-based point system. Use this system to track individual volunteer opportunities throughout the year, and translate to overall engagement points for a more complete view of your volunteer programs, no matter how small or large they are.