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“Our last community platform provider was more of a ‘break-fix’ kind of situation. Now, on Higher Logic, we’re working to make our community a destination. When we meet people at our user groups, we bring them into the community to continue those conversations in a virtual forum, so that it’s a place where they want to stay, rather than solve a problem once and then leave.”

Michael Torok, Director of Knowledge and Community Management, Delphix

“Since we’ve implemented marketing automation…the idea of listening to our customers has become a reality. The idea of connecting the dots between what our customers need and want, and what we can produce is something that we weren’t able to do without marketing automation. I feel like the future is really bright for us because our members, they’re saying, ‘Wow, you finally understand us’.”

Elizabeth Moris, Marketing Communications Manager | RAPS

Higher Logic's engagement platform helps your membership organization or software company create lasting relationships with your customer or member base – at scale.



At scale with automation rules, our rule-based nudges 


Different types of engagement with discussions and Q&A threads, blog posts, ideation, and more 


Engagement progress with robust reporting capabilities   


With your existing tech stack for a seamless user experience


Valuable insights from engagement data