Boost the customer experience with online communities.

Online Communities

Support your customer success program by improving your customer relationships.

The Higher Logic Online Community platform gives your organization the tools to engage with your customers, enabling better customer support, natural customer advocacy, and increased customer retention. Give your customers the tools they need throughout their journey with your organization to learn, share ideas, and become loyal advocates, ultimately driving retention, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

“According to Gallup research, a customer who is fully engaged represents an average 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue, and relationship growth.”

Product Overview

Higher Logic was built to increase engagement, loyalty, and retention – create a space for your customers to engage with each other and your business.

Online communities redefine how your customers communicate, collaborate, and stay in touch with your organization. With a comprehensive approach to customer engagement, your online community can provide value in several ways:

Improve customer support

Communities provide a venue for peer-to-peer and one-to-many customer support for faster and cheaper resolutions.

Create a knowledgebase

Give customers a wealth of information at their fingertips, and save your team time with crowdsourcing.

Increase retention rates

Create a vested customer base with active users sharing, collaborating, and connecting in a dynamic online community.

Drive new revenue

A community is full of data - demographic, transactional, and behavioral - that can help identify upsell and cross-sell opportunities, as well as target new prospects.

Build advocacy

Leverage your customer advocates’ knowledge, loyalty, and hands-on experience with authentic, word-of-mouth marketing.

Create customer loyalty

Build a space for your customers to engage and interact with each other, constantly improving their customer experience with your brand.

Higher Logic supports:

Resource Libraries
Automation Rules

Configurable Design
Mobile Friendly
Analytics and Reporting


“We want our customers to get as much value as possible out of the community. We're working to be a leader in an extremely competitive security software market, and a strong community is one important puzzle piece in gaining that competitive edge.”

Renee Schaefer, Information Experience

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Automation Rules Video

Attracting and engaging community members doesn't have to be a lot of work. That's why we built automated rules into our community platform, so you can successfully attract, convert and engage members.

Online Community Modules

Every community has different needs. Higher Logic has a full suite of modules to build the community that meets your needs.

Activity Sync

Gain a 360-degree view of user engagement – track activity to capture trends and collect business intelligence between your CRM and community.

Advocacy Manager

Run a thriving, automated program that encourages advocacy at all levels, using an intuitive system to easily find, track and reward user engagement.

Content Manager

Administrators can easily create and manage branded websites for annual conferences, committees, councils, ad hoc groups, or special events.

Event Manager

Offer your event teams the tools to schedule and administer any type of meeting or event, from free webinars to complex multi-day conferences with paid registration.

Expert Directory

Create a searchable resource of industry leaders, speakers, and subject matter experts for any of your organization’s events, meetings, and conferences.


Solicit ideas from within your community for anything from event sessions to product feedback, keeping users invested throughout the whole process.


Customize your community learning environment to offer the right products to the right learners, at the right time.

Mentor Match

Connect experienced mentors with ambitious mentees to share resources, experiences, and work together to achieve professional and personal goals.

Mobile App

Set up community apps to use for both extended community activity and upcoming events so your users are always connected.

Nested Communities

Use a tiered organization system to match the structure of your organization while giving each group or community a dedicated, unique space.


Integrated components support the unique needs of teams engaged in complex collaboration and long lifecycle projects.