Rally Supporters Behind Your Cause with Online Communities

Our online community platform gives your nonprofit the tools to create private, secure communities that drive interactions, knowledge sharing, and engagement among constituents. Give your supporters, donors, and volunteers the ability to stay engaged with both your organization and each other. Develop your constituent community to help your constituents feel a sense of empowerment and ownership over your cause.

"Higher Logic's community software is a great fit for many of our products and solutions. Coupled with their extensive experience working with associations and nonprofits, we believe Higher Logic's community offerings will further enhance any nonprofit's cache of resources."

Chris Clinton
former VP, Global Channels and Partner Ecosystem

Key Benefits

Rally Constituents Behind Your Cause

Bring constituents together to interact, share resources, and engage on a deeper level.

Recruit New Supporters

Encourage and empower your supporters with “micro-volunteering” opportunities that give your supporters a soapbox to advocate for your organization.

Give Constituents a Voice

Supporters communicate with each other easily and on their schedules from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Increase Donation and Fundraising Dollars

Online communities present a streamlined, visible way to acknowledge donation information, give recognition, and thank donors, creating incentive among all members for future giving.

Manage Volunteers

Measure the ROI of your volunteer program, while encouraging participation, increasing engagement, and streamlining the volunteer management process.

Generate More Revenue

Feature targeted advertising opportunities for new and existing sponsors, connecting constituents with relevant messages and increasing your nonprofit’s ROI.

Mine and Analyze Smarter Data

Your community automatically gathers and reports on community activities, so staff can analyze data reflecting constituent behavior, interests, and preferences.

7/23/2018 to 8/23/2018

Conversion Through Community: Keeping Constituents Organically Active

Join us on August 23 at 2PM ET for a 15-minute webinar to learn how nonprofits are turning first-time donors into lifetime givers through online communities.

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