Celebrate innovation with 
Super Forum Awards!   

It’s time to shine a light on you – our customers! Throughout the last year you’ve been perfecting the equation for member engagement: experimenting with new strategies, testing your hypotheses, and collecting data. You and your team have worked hard and made a difference for so many of your members. You deserve to be recognized.  

Nominate yourself or a colleague in one of the below categories by March 7, 2023, for the chance to win a Super Forum Award. Completing the nomination form only takes about 5 minutes. Awards are presented to the winners during Super Forum 2023.  

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Nomination Categories

Community of the Year

Creating and nurturing a top-class community is no small feat. Tell us how the community you're submitting creates an invaluable experience for your members and how that experience helps to drive renewals and other organizational outcomes. 

Higher Logic customers may submit nominations to more than one category for consideration. However, chosen winners may only win in one category. Learn more below to identify which category(s) are the best fit.

Industry Innovator

Driving innovation across the community industry requires the ability to identify new opportunities to surpass traditional community boundaries and use cases. Share how the community or person you're submitting has solved unique challenges. 

Data Pro

Utilizing community data is critical to helping drive value for members and organizations. Tell us how your community or person you are submitting has uniquely leveraged community data to drive value for their members and/or organization. 

Best Community Design

Online community is often the first and a continuous point of interaction for both prospects and members; and the design of the community is a critical representation of a brand. Detail how the community or person you are submitting has created a compelling and memorable design that aids and propels membership value. 

Most Valuable Community Manager

Community management requires a mastery of all trades. It takes a village and yet some community managers do it with minimal resources. Share how the community manager you are submitting has gone above and beyond to bring their communities to the next level. 

Best Email/Campaign Design 

Crafting an attention-grabbing email or email campaign – whether it’s beautifully written, stylishly designed, or both – requires a strong understanding of your audience and email best practices. It’s a delicate balance of brevity, inspiring storytelling, and design skill. Share an image of your best email or email campaign and tell us how it helped you reach your goals. 

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Most Valuable 
Digital Marketer 

Great marketing may seem like magic, but it’s actually a delicate science of combining available member data, your technology resources, compelling design, and industry insights. When done well, it delivers exceptional experiences for your audience. Tell us how your top marketer builds engaging campaigns, optimizes sending frequency, builds success, and/or keeps your brand top of mind.

Most Valuable Community Champion

A successful community provides your members with the support they need, but who is supporting the membership and community team? Tell us how the C-Suite leader you are submitting has championed community work and helped to ensure community remains an integral part of your customer engagement strategy.  

Nomination & Nominee Criteria  

- Nominees must be Higher Logic customers who use Higher Logic Thrive, 
Higher Logic Online Community, and/or Higher Logic Marketing Automation 

- Nominees must not have won a Higher Logic Super Forum award 
in the last three years 

- Nominees can be individuals or multiple people/teams 

- Customers may submit multiple entries