For associations, remaining relevant and financially ready for tomorrow requires examining your tactics and strategies today. In this on-demand session, Higher Logic presenters Kelly Whelan and Cate Sauer will walk you through tips for assessing your membership, event, and non-dues revenue approaches for 2024 and beyond. They will also share trends they’ve seen discussed in the association industry, and ideas for optimizing your tech stack. 

  • Learn how to evaluate your membership in the context of evolving membership models 
  • Gain insight into event and education trends  
  • Explore non-dues revenue streams that resonate with today's digital-savvy audience
  • Brainstorm ways to use generative AI to streamline your work 

Stay ahead of the curve and chart a prosperous future for your organization in the year ahead! 

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Your Experts

Kelly Whelan

Content Marketing Manager at Higher Logic

with Kelly Whelan & Cate Sauer

Cate Sauer

Advisor at Higher Logic

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