AI has created numerous opportunities for associations – from automating mundane tasks, to giving staff more time for high-value work, to expanding data analysis capabilities, and more. While it can provide massive employee and business benefits, AI is advancing rapidly and many organizations are concerned about risks it poses to security, privacy, ethics, and organizational reputation. 

This webinar shares a case study example of how Higher Logic internally explored and adopted AI tools while maintaining security and privacy controls.

Join Higher Logic’s CEO and founder, Rob Wenger, and Director of IT, Daryl Dore, to explore:  

  • The positive potential of AI for staff time-savings 

  • Our cautions when approaching AI use  

  • The goals, guidelines, and results of our staff “AI Month” challenge

Get ideas from what we did for strategies you can try out at your organization! 

*This landing page was written with the help of AI 😉 

A copy of the webinar recording will be made available in HUG, the Higher Logic Users Group for Higher Logic customers.

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How Higher Logic
Embraced AI While
Mitigating Risk

Presented By

Rob Wenger

Co-Founder & CEO 

at Higher Logic

Thursday, February 15th

2pm ET / 11am PT

Innovate with Confidence:

How Higher Logic Embraced AI While Mitigating Risk

Daryl Dore

Director of IT 

at Higher Logic