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Online Communities for Associations

Build a knowledge base, promote organization relevancy and increase member value with Higher Logic

Higher Logic’s community platform allows associations to create secure, private online communities, driving collaboration and engagement among members. Giving your core constituents the ability to communicate and share information, experience and best practices creates a knowledge management culture within your organization, maximizing membership retention rates and association relevancy.

With a wide range of applications, the innovative community software suite provides cost-effective tools to connect like-minded individuals within associations – any time, anywhere.

With more than 25 million members in over 200,000 communities, Higher Logic is the proven leader in online community platforms for associations.

Higher Logic has the ultimate collaboration tool for associations.

  • Recruit New Members - “Members-only” content drives demand to join your group and participate in your exclusive community.
  • Give Members a Voice – With Higher Logic, association members can quickly and easily communicate with colleagues and staff – from their computer, their tablet or their mobile device.
  • Build an Industry Knowledge Base - Who knows more about your industry than your members? Share knowledge in a way that is searchable and easily discovered – benefiting the entire member base.
  • Enable Private Conversations – Unlike traditional social networks, private forums are protected by multiple security levels – letting every member feel comfortable joining the conversation.
  • Do More With Less – Higher Logic streamlines the dissemination of event information, news items, releases and industry knowledge throughout your association – freeing up valuable staff time and bandwidth.
  • Generate Non-Dues Revenue – Higher Logic offers targeted advertising opportunities for new and existing sponsors, connecting members with relevant messages – and speeding association ROI.
  • Mine Data – Higher Logic automatically gathers and reports on community activities, allowing staff to analyze data reflecting member behavior, interests and preferences.

“Higher Logic's community platform has become one of our most popular member benefits. I continually hear from members about how it has become an integral part of their work day.”

Rachael Bell
Digital Communications Manager
New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJSCPA)