It takes time to create a marketing automation campaign. But once you’ve built it, you’ve done the hardest part. And you can watch the smiles from your members as they enjoy the tasty relevance you keep putting on their plates (aka, their inbox).

That’s why we made this cookbook. These recipes will help your association whip up six of our favorite automated email campaigns. Why are these our favorites? Because they’re the ones that will make a difference at your organization.

Inside the cookbook, you’ll find instructions for these campaigns:

• Renewal
• Onboarding
• Prospecting with content
• Event support
• Community engagement
• Internal

These are our coveted house recipes, passed down through generations (metaphorically)… so get your digital copy today.

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Dish out some automation with our step-by-step recipes!

Campaign Cookbook: Our 6 Most Delicious Marketing Automation Campaigns