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With more than 25 million users in over 200,000 communities, Higher Logic is the proven leader in cloud-based community platforms.

Higher Logic is your organization’s private online community that seamlessly integrates into your existing platforms. Drive collaboration, ignite conversations, and create an invaluable knowledge center. Give your users a voice—and reap the benefits.

Communities at a Glance.

Grow a network of passionate people

Grow a Network of Passionate People

Bring people together to promote knowledge-sharing and problem-solving.

Create an active knowledge base

Create an Active Knowledge Base

Develop a growing hub of resources, discussions and best practices for collaboration.

Generate more revenue

Generate More Revenue

Secure new revenue streams and increase your overall member or customer base.

Expand customer support

Expand Customer Support

Crowd-source valuable content while reducing support and service costs.

Help from experts (and other customers) is just a click away.

Get the most out of your community platform through the Higher Logic User Group (HUG). Connect with Higher Logic experts, customers and partners through blogs, forums, support docs, event listings and more.

Help from Experts

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