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“We are pleased to work with the incredible team at Higher Logic, as they are important partners in our continuing efforts to connect educators to their most valuable resource – each other.”

Kyle Schutt, Director of Online Community
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Some platforms connect businesses to people.
Others connect people to people.
We do both.

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If you give people a place to connect and collaborate, they’ll stay with you.

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Reduce Customer Support Costs the Community Way

Your customers are a wealth of knowledge about your product or service. They ask your support team questions that other customers may have already asked and gotten answers to. So why not create a space where they can search for answers and share knowledge, instead of sending them straight to a support ticket queue?

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Your Customer Community Strategy Could Be Doing More

Every name you hear used for an online community (knowledge base, forum, group, support portal, user group, private network, message board) suggests something different about a community’s purpose. But none of these really addresses the end-to-end customer lifecycle. So what should a true customer community strategy include?

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8 Strategies to Engage Your Association's Member Base

Creating a valuable, irreplaceable experience for your members is what will keep them coming back. Download this guide to learn strategies for how your association can begin increasing engagement, including tips for personalizing your communications.

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