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Connect with more individuals at your member companies

Membership goes deeper than just your main point of contact. Connect with (and activate!) everyone at your member companies to demonstrate membership value.

Identify, coordinate & activate

Robust engagement in an easy-to-use private online community uncovers insights into what is most important to your trade association members at every level - so you can adjust your programs accordingly.

Go deeper with your trade association member companies to make the member experience feel personal to everyone at the organization. Tailor communications to the topics they care about – whether they’ve told you or not.

Keep members up to date on important industry and association activity. Efficiently activate your trade association member base to support your advocacy efforts.

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Higher Logic Thrive Product Overview

Meet Higher Logic Thrive 

Boost trade association member engagement with the industry-leading online community and marketing platform. Higher Logic Thrive is purpose-built for the unique needs of trade associations and based on nearly 20 years of experience. 

Features to Deepen Member Value
  • Reporting & Analytics 

    Reporting & Analytics 
    Give your members what they need to drive home the value of membership. Understand what matters to your members with detailed reporting on community discussions, landing page interactions and communications.

  • Smart Newsletter 

    Smart Newsletter 
    Make member engagement feel personal with a newsletter that uses machine learning to surface valuable resources based on member activity – creating value for everyone at your member companies.

  • Messages

    Drive home member value with communications around important industry updates, legislation, events, programs and more. With our 99% deliverability rate, you can be confident that you’ll reach the inbox.

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The 2023 Association Community Benchmark Report

Compare your association’s community health with others in the industry with Higher Logic’s 2023 Association Community Benchmark.

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Trade Associations FAQs

By providing your trade association members with an online community platform, you are giving them the opportunity to network with each other, exchange ideas, learn and grow as a trade professional. Trade association members look for opportunities to engage with their peers to build relationships, partner with each other and help each other overcome challenges that are specific to the industry.

Staying relevant is a driving factor behind the continued success of your trade association. By providing an online community, not only are you giving your members what they need to be successful, but you are also able to monitor their needs immediately as they arise with analytics. By providing a forum for your trade association members to engage, you are staying relevant and accomplishing what may be your primary goal for keeping members active.

Yes! Higher Logic Thrive helps trade associations improve their member renewal rates. Online communities are proven resources for encouraging member engagement, thereby increasing loyalty with your trade association. Learn more about how Higher Logic Thrive improves member retention rates.

Want to see how Higher Logic can improve your trade association?