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Online Communities vs. Forums vs. Knowledge Bases: What’s the Difference?

Community Strategy // Online Communities, forums, knowledge bases, and social media groups can all be used for engagement, but which is right for you? Learn about the differences and the advantages.

Kirstie Macfarlane

How Informz Has Changed (and Using It to Transform Your Email Marketing) 

Associations, Communications Strategy, Marketing // Informz (now Higher Logic Thrive Marketing Professional) has been the leader in email marketing for 20+ years. Learn how you can use it to automate and transform your marketing to engage members and prospective members.

Chris Weaver

Integrating a Community-Driven Approach through Targeted Engagement and User-Generated Content

Community Strategy // Creating a loyal customer base requires a profound understanding of your customers' needs, beyond the functionalities of your software.  Here's how to integrate a collaborative, community-driven approach through targeted engagement and user-generated content.  

Jeff Breunsbach

Delivering Value with Revenue Optimization Through Communities

Community Strategy, Revenue Growth // Explore how revenue optimization strategies and community-CRM integration drive value and growth within online communities.

Varun Luthra

The Latest Association Community Benchmarks

Associations, Community Strategy, member engagement, Community Management // Higher Logic's 2023 Association Community Benchmark Report is now available! Compare your association’s community activity and engagement performance for actionable insights. 

Kelly Whelan

Shake Up Success with Community: A Strategy for Customer Success Leaders in B2B SaaS 

Corporations, Customer Success, B2B SaaS // Customer success continues to change and evolve, but one thing remains the same: Customers are your most significant assets. In this guide, we walk you through how an online community helps to provide value and build relationships with your customers.

Jeff Breunsbach

Key Areas of AI Benefit and Caution for Associations

Associations, Retention, member engagement // How can you leverage AI tools and technologies to enhance your operations, engagement, and value proposition for members?  Let’s break down some opportunities and cautions. 

Venessa Paech

Embrace the Power of Community: A Comprehensive Guide to Fueling Customer Advocacy

Community Strategy // Customers trust other customers. Let's discuss how an online community can help turn customers into loyal advocates that support and speak on behalf of your brand.

Jeff Breunsbach

Advanced Starter Kits: Membership Marketing is Easier Than Ever

Communications Strategy, HL News, Associations // Higher Logic Thrive’s Advanced Starter Kits combine the power of successful, proven strategies with content prompts that jumpstart your member communications strategy. It’s time to automate your email campaigns with confidence.

Sarah Spinosa

Growing Customer Relationships with Community

Community Strategy // We recently partnered with Airmeet and Apollo to discuss how you effectively "Drive Efficient Growth and Retention with Community Events." If you missed it, we have your recap.

Genny Gordon
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