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Strengthen your association

Maximize the impact your association has on the industry.

Tools that work hard - so you don’t have to

Give members a place to connect with a trusted network that has been there, done that and has the answers.

Track activity trends for deeper insights into what your members need. Easy-to-understand analytics give you the whole picture.

Save time on manual membership renewal efforts so that you have time to work strategically to keep members happy.

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Higher Logic Thrive

Meet Higher Logic Thrive

Increase member retention with the industry-leading online community and marketing platform. Purpose-built for the unique needs of associations and based on nearly 20 years of experience.

Features that increase member retention
  • Online Member Community

    Online Member Community
    Create a place where your members feel a sense of belonging. Discussions, resources, networking and learning in an easy-to-use Community.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Reporting & Analytics
    Give your members what they need to drive home the value of membership. Understand what matters to your members with detailed reporting on discussions, landing page interactions and communications.

  • Automated Campaigns

    Automated Campaigns 
    Make sending member renewal notices a snap with pre-built automated campaigns that are ready to go, right out of the box!

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Path to Renewal: Member Engagement

Member retention is a lot easier when your members already see your association as indispensable.

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Path to Renewal: Events

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Path to Renewal: Mentoring and Volunteering

Mentoring programs and volunteer programs offer a way to push members up the engagement ladder and keep them coming back to your association.

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Member Retention FAQs

Higher Logic Thrive provides the perfect solution for easing the processes of membership renewals. The platform can automate member renewal emails and works on your behalf to encourage members to pay dues and ensure memberships don’t lapse.

Increasing member retention rates is one of the many benefits of Higher logic Thrive. Members come back regularly to engage with other members creating loyalty with your brand.

Want to see how Higher Logic can increase member retention to strengthen your association?