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Why Community?

Online communities play a huge part in your customer or member experience, breaking down the traditional one-way exchange of information and opening up true communication. Learn all the ways an online community can benefit your organization.

Community = Connection

In an increasingly digital era, and with many professionals working remotely across the globe, online communities have become key to keeping people connected. You may not always have the chance to engage your members or customers at an in-person event, but with an online community you’re able to create a collaborative space for networking, sharing advice, and learning – anytime, anywhere.

An online community provides a powerful way for your organization to build a sense of belonging, provide customer support, share resources, and reinforce your value. And online communities built with Higher Logic incorporate tools to help you easily scale your efforts to foster engagement, streamline support, and drive growth.

Online communities help you…

Enhance Connection

Strengthen customer and member retention and inspire advocates and referrals by fostering a strong connection to your organization’s community.

Increase Relevance and Value

Stand out by creating a space for your target audience to have highly relevant conversations. Attract potential customers and members and encourage them to explore what you offer.

Gain Feedback and Inspiration

Gather direct feedback and create a safe space to test new products, programs, and benefits. Collect insights, ideas, and suggestions to inform your strategies.

Share Support and Resources

Create a self-service hub where customers and members can ask questions, seek advice, and share expertise—reducing the burden on your traditional support channels.

Maximize Growth

Become an indispensable source of knowledge in your industry, driving organizational growth and greater lifetime value.

  • “Our Higher Logic community takes ACHP staff out of the middle when it comes to members sharing learnings and making connections with their peers. Members are able to have real-time conversations with their colleagues about pain points and challenges, allowing them to make informed decisions, or at least share thoughts and ideas.”

    Molly Edelman Hauber

    Manager of Membership, ACHP

  • “Before, I’d have 40 to 50 support tickets sitting in my inbox every day, but now it’s just 3 to 4. Higher Logic Vanilla has proven to be a worthwhile investment, resulting in massive time savings.”

    Joe Burrows

    Senior Support Engineer, Cireson

  • "The number one benefit for internal staff is learning what is important for our members in their day-to-day jobs. And that’s incredibly helpful when we’re trying to think of new content ideas – we can pull what’s popular from the community and create resources and guidance around it...[the community] is a real-time download of what is working, what is not, and what our members are dealing with.”

    Joey Martelli

    Senior Manager of Marketing and Membership, SHAPE America

  • “With our new community, more than half of our web traffic comes from organic search. When people have a problem, they type in a few keywords and the search engine returns the most relevant results. Now, our community is often featured in those results because of how relevant the community content is.”

    Alexandru Leucea

    Community Manager, Bitdefender

The Right Online Community Software Makes All the Difference


Higher Logic has almost two decades of experience building impactful online communities for associations, businesses, and everything in between. Our communities incorporate intuitive, social-media-style design concepts, automation and gamification to help you keep members and customers coming back. Plus, they easily integrate with the rest of your tech stack.

Let us help you connect the dots and build an online community for your customers or members together.

Higher Logic Thrive is the #1 solution for associations looking to supercharge member engagement. Available add-ons help support your volunteer program, chapters, submission process, and more!

Higher Logic Vanilla is an all-in-one community platform designed to help businesses streamline customer support, grow brand loyalty, improve products, and build lasting customer relationships.

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