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Member Retention

From member onboarding to engagement strategies to events, learn how to keep members coming back to your association and increase member retention.

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Why Member Retention Matters

It’s easy to get wrapped up in attracting new members, but retention is the secret sauce. Member retention is vital to growth and sustainability as well as the success of your exciting new member acquisition campaigns. Because how valuable are new members if they stay for just one year?

Unfortunately that’s what many new association members do. They join, pay their dues, and drop their membership a year later. Studies show that for some associations, first-year members account for more than 70 percent of attrition. That’s a big hit to your growth.


24% of associations

do not have a tactical plan to increase engagement


29% of associations

think members just forget to renew

Does that sound like your association?

Associations can’t just convince new members to join. You also need to convince them to stay. That’s why we created our “Path to Renewal” series, which shares strategies for ensuring your members renew and improving your member retention numbers. Let’s get started!

Member Onboarding

Membership renewal shouldn’t start with your 90-day expiration reminder – the path to renewal begins on day one.

Read About Onboarding

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Member Engagement

Make sure members know the value your association offers and the ways they can connect with you and other members.

Read About Engagement

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Events connect attendees to your association and members to their peers – make sure you leverage them to full effect.

Read About Events

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Higher Logic Thrive Makes Member Engagement Simple

Want to see how using Higher Logic tools can improve your member retention rate? We have almost two decades of experience working with associations to drive meaningful member engagement.